How campaigns work: audiences, actions, rewards

Campaigns are flexible way to distribute rewards to users
​Tide vision is to become the leading application for web3 native acquisition and retention of users. Campaigns are used to incentivize specific users to perform specific actions in exchange for rewards.
Tide allows the creation of targeted incentivized programs with a few clicks. Campaigns are highly customizable and accessible by users via the campaign page or link. Users can receive rewards by performing the tasks requested on the campaign page.
Campaigns are composed by:
  • Audiences: Not all users can access the campaign. Audiences are lists of eligible users (wallets) that can take part in the campaigns. Audiences are the way to mitigate Sybil attacks and reward users according to their on-chain actions.
  • Actions: Users have to perform tasks to be eligible for incentives. Tasks can be about spreading the word in social media, requiring and monitoring off-chain (Twitter, Discord, completion of surveys, etc.) and/or web3 tasks (on-chain activities)
  • Rewards: After the completion of the tasks, users will be eligible to get badges (NFTs)
In this example, users that have at least one transaction on Ethereum (Active User audience) can receive a participation NFT after completing the twitter taks
Within this flexible framework, it is possible to create several kinds of campaigns:
  • Brand Awareness: Incentivize users with rewards for performing specific social media actions and spreading your message
  • Web3 quests: Require users to perform on-chain actions to drive more activity on your dApp.
  • Feedback program/Learn to Earn: Rewards users performing actions on your website and completing a survey.
  • Loyalty Programs: Leverage NFTs to create tiers of users of a dApp
  • NFT Giveaways: Giveaways with differentiated rewards according to audiences
  • Lens Campaign: Grow your community on Lens, the fastest-growing web3 social media.
  • Referral campaign: coming soon
Moreover, you can customize your campaign with all the available tasks based on your marketing goal. Require users to perform actions on various social media, on your platform, complete surveys and much more.
Launch your first campaign in a few clicks here.