Project FAQ

Project FAQ Section
How can I contact Tide team?
If you are looking to learn more about Tide, you can:
How does Tide differ from other growth platforms
Check Tide vs Other Growth Platformsto learn more about it
How can I learn more about Web3 growth and marketing?
Following and reading our weekly blog will help you learn how to analyze the effectiveness of your quests and set up successful engagement programs.
You can find our blog here.
Can I modify a campaign once launched?
While a campaign is live, it is possible to:
  • Add/modify tasks
  • Change eligible audiences
  • Update Campaign Banner and Descriptions
  • Modify the success page information
Campaign title, network, duration, and NFT settings can't be modified once the campaign smart contract has been deployed.
Can multiple wallets access the same Project Area
Yes, the Project Area admin can include other collaborators by adding wallet addresses in the Project Setting section. The collaborators will be able to create new campaigns and leverage the analytics suite
Users cannot claim as they are not in the audience. Can I add them?
From the campaign builder, it is possible to add multiple addresses making them eligible for a campaign.
Just choose the campaign to edit, go on the "Badges and Task" section, click on the "add addresses button" and include all the addresses you need.
Are rewards issued on Tide?
Users will mint the campaign NFT directly on Tide after completing the tasks.
The NFT can then be found on every NFT marketplace, such as OpenSea.
Can I edit the NFT collection page of a Campaign on OpenSea?
Yes, just log in on OpenSea with the wallet you deployed the campaign, check the "Created" section of your profile, click on the “info” button, and select "Edit".
You will be able to modify the Logo, Banner, and more of the NFT collection page on OpenSea.