๐ŸฅŽCreate a campaign

Tide self-service campaign creation builder is available here.

Here's a quick video to get started

What is a campaign?

A campaign is an NFT collection visible on Opensea. Users can unlock and get NFTs by participating in the campaign and performing tasks (on-chain or off-chain tasks).

If you want to know in detail how campaigns work at the smart contract level, you can visit the contracts section of our docs.

General info section

General info should provide useful information about the campaign and are displayed on the user page. Projects can change these info even after the campaign is deployed.

Tasks section

In this section, projects can define the NFT issued to participants, who can participate in the campaign, and what actions users need to perform to complete the campaign:

  • NFT Reward/Credential: Set name and Image/video that will be loaded in the NFT badge issued to participants

  • Allowed addresses: Campaigns can be either "open to everyone" or targeted to specific audiences (set of wallets obtained at certain snapshots). The audience system is a simple way to target specific users based on on-chain behavior and mitigate sybil activity in the campaigns. If your project needs a custom audience, reach out to our team on Discord.

  • Tasks: Our no-code campaign builder supports a wide array of task both onchain and off chain.

Now add the tasks users have to complete to participate in the campaign and get rewarded!

You can set up an alternative required task. For example, users are asked to either hold your token or to buy it. Another example could be to ask users to join your Discord server or follow you on Twitter. This is to reduce the friction by allowing users to complete alternative tasks and still be rewarded.

  • Twitter: like, follow, and retweet

  • On-chain actions: track any on-chain actions and NFT holdings. More in the section below

  • Surveys: ask users to complete a Typeform (soon other forms will be supported)

  • Twitch: follow or subscribe to a channel

  • Quiz: ask questions to your users with a quiz!

  • Generic Tasks: ask users to submit generic inputs (text, snapshot, or URL). Projects can decide to review the submissions (in the review section), accept any answer, or autovalidate users' inputs by checking the box "Autovalidate"

  • Discord: join a server or have a specific discord role. To set up the "Check Discord role" task, the following guide can be helpful

  • Gitcoin: prevent Sybils with Gitcoin passport. We suggest a score of 20 as minimum.

On-chain actions

The on-chain action section in the campaign builders allows the project to require any on-chain event to be triggered by campaign participants.

In order to create the task, paste the relevant contract (e.g. an ERC20) and see the associated events (Transfer etc.). In the "Advanced Settings" checkbox, it is possible to specify values expected from these events (e.g. deposit at least 100 $USDC)

๐ŸšจPoints of attention:๐Ÿšจ

  • Contracts must be verified on Etherscan

  • After creating the task, please allow some time for our subgraph to be indexed (3-6 hours)

If you need assistance in implementing on-chain actions, please read the How to implement on-chain actions section.

Off chain, Social and Sybil Protection Tasks

You can choose to add the following tasks:

  • Twitter

    • Follow

    • Twitter interaction (Like, Retweet or both)

  • Discord

    • Join Discord Server

    • Discord Member Role

  • Twitch

    • Follow on Twitch

    • Subscribe to Channel

  • Survey (Typeform)

    • Ask users to complete a Typeform Survey

    • Submit Text

    • Submit URL

    • Submit Image

    • Submit Email

  • Quiz

    • Complete a multiple choice quiz. Perfect for gamify educational content by embedding the quest in your website

  • Gitcoin Passport

    • Prevent sybils by asking users to check their Gitcoin Passport

  • Telegram Tide Bot

    • Ask users to join Tide Telegram Bot


Projects can set up the campaign parameters, such as network, NFT Type (SouldBound token or Standard NFT), and campaign duration. These settings cannot be modified once the campaign is live.

Campaigns can be set as gasless. Currently, Tide can sponsor gasless campaigns on Polygon, while the option is not available for other networks.

Once all the steps are completed, campaigns can be deployed.

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