Web3 marketing protocol

Tide vision is to become the leading application for web3 powered acquisition and retention of users.
Tide is the web3 platform providing dApps the tools for acquiring valuable users & measuring the impact of growth initiatives on dApp activity.
You can get started in a few clicks with our permissionless, no-code campaign builder featuring advanced off-chain and on-chain web3 actions.
Moreover, you can target community members relevant to your business without technical research and mitigate bots thanks to our Audience System.
Finally, with our analytics and performance suite, you will clearly measure the effectiveness of Web3 marketing strategies and know your users’ interests, traits, habits, needs, and interactions.
Top-notch and fast-growing protocols like LI.FI, Magpie, Premia, nftperp, Rodeo Finance, Saddle & many more have already used Tide.
If interested in launching a campaign with Tide, you can do it here.

Why projects should use Tide

  • Data-driven engagement programs: Leverage our analytics and performance suite to gain insight into the impact of your marketing initiatives and better understand your community behaviors and preferences
  • Simple, fast, and flexible: setting up a campaign is a matter of a few clicks. You can do it here.
  • Sophisticated on-chain actions: Require and incentivize users to perform any kind of on-chain action (e.g. deposit in a pool at least 100 $USDC for 3 months)
  • Target relevant participants: Traditional liquidity mining is not targeted. Tide exploits on-chain information to make campaigns Sybil-resistant and targeted with multi-tiered, selective rewards
  • Easily issue rewards: Unlock token-gated utilities and ERC-20 token distribution directly with Tide
  • Acquire new users: Leverage our engagement and gamification mechanisms to acquire users in an authentic and innovative way
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