Campaigns analytics & performance

An analytics and performance suite for projects to get insights about the effectiveness and impact of their web3 marketing initiatives on dApp growth and monitor users' behavioral data with the aim to launch data-driven marketing initiatives.
The gathered information will help projects understand which initiatives are working or not and iterate with well-designed and personalized quests and other engagement programs
The analytics and performance suite enables to:
  • Clearly measure the effectiveness of Web3 marketing strategies on any smart contract (DAU, CAC, transactions over time, wallet retention, etc )
  • Track the impact of quests and other engagement strategies on your dApp growth (Retention before/after campaigns, comparing users to campaign participants, etc)
  • Analyze your users' wallet behavioral data (balance, number of transactions, age, tokens held, dApps interactions, etc.)
The analytics & performance section can be found in the Project Area.
Preview of the analytics dashboard