nftperp Paper Trading Competition

Using "dynamic" NFTs for gamification and acquisition
The NFTperp campaign is about using dynamic NFTs to onboard users and to run a Paper Trading Competition.
How it works:
  • Users enroll in the trading competition via Tide, minting a basic participant badge after performing some simple Twitter actions to maximize reach out of the campaign;
  • The badge gets updated after the trading competition ends, reflecting the position in the leaderboard;
  • Users can win $NFTP (1% of the supply distributed according to the final ranking);
  • As anti-bot, the "active-users" audience was selected. See how audiences work here;
  • As anti-cheating, after the campaign ended, the metadata of cheaters (defined by nftperp team as those owning and managing multiple accounts in the competition), were updated with a special, funny image (see below)
Images for: Participant badge, Winner badge, Cheater badge


You can track here the current stats of Tide waves (campaigns).
As for nftperp, in 3 weeks it generated: 1453 mintings, 800 active users in their trading competitions. This numbers are pretty much organic, as ex post analysis shows little presence of inorganic activity. The anti-bot worked, as discord was flooded with whitelisting requests from sybil accounts.