PoolTogether Marketing Initiatives analysis

The analysis has been performed by leveraging Tide analytics & performance suite

PoolTogether took part in two Galxe quests programs in the last year (The OP quests and the Polygon Degens campaign) and actively issues POAPs to community call participants

For both quests, we found out that:

  • The retention is close to 0

  • The impact on TVL is non-existent โ€” the share of TVL by wallets holding Galxe credentials was higher before the OP quest started

  • Significant overlap in users among the two quests โ€” which also explains a tangible reduced impact of the second Polygon degens quest

While taking into account 26 POAPs, we find out a minimal impact on actual dApp usage

We also analyze who were PoolTogether top users and discovered that:

  • Token holders represent an important share of the TVL

  • The top 300 wallets with the highest balances using PoolTogether are sophisticated Defi users

Final Insights

  • Create a referral system to reach out to new users. The wallets eligible to be referrers should be a subset of the most active users, token holders, and possibly governance voters to reduce sybil attacks and increase the referral success rate.

  • Switching to longer-term quests to boost loyalty.

  • Identify the wallets most prone to churn and offer them a personalized protocol experience

If interested in analyzing the impact of your marketing initiatives on your dApp growth, Tide team can help.

You can read the full analysis here.

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