Rodeo Finance Engagement Program

Rodeo Finance launched a long-term marketing program that rewards users only once valuable actions for Rodeo have been completed.

The initiative aims to lead users from discovering and getting familiar with Rodeo to becoming loyal customers. For this reason, the initial quests are focused on social media actions to increase the overall awareness about Rodeo, while the later quests aiming to increase interactions (deposits) on the DeFi platform.

In practice, the program consists of 5 quests of increasing difficulty levels. Upon completing each quest, users mint an NFT unlocking unique benefits such as an exclusive Discord, priority access to vaults, direct communication channels with the team, and WL to potential airdrops.

Moreover, the rewards are strictly linked to the Rodeo Ecosystem, which makes them attractive to users that are genuinely interested in such DeFi platforms.

You can read more about the whole program here.


The engagement program is ongoing; therefore, the results will be added once it's over.

You can check the various live and expired quests here.

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