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Tide “Audiences”: Engaging Authentic Users

Key to Targeted, Sybil-Resistant web3 marketing Campaigns
Tide identifies and restricts campaign access to specific sets of wallets that are relevant to a business or brand. Audiences can serve both as targeting and Sybil protection at the same time.
Some examples:
  • A DEX project may want to distribute credentials and incentives only to wallets with a history of using DEXs.
  • A business may want to reach only active users on a given chain with more than X transactions in the last Y days or wallets with a credit score greater than XY.
We compared wallet history interacting with Tide to a sample of more than 100k wallets of other credential platforms to understand whether there are significant differences. We found out:
  • Tide campaigns can attract better wallets than other credential platforms, 10X better both in terms of balance and number of transactions.
  • Over 50% of wallets interacting with other credential platforms have a $0 balance and no transactions, signaling a very strong non-organic activity.
You can read the whole analysis in our Medium article.