Dynamic NFT Loyalty Program

The Dynamic NFT Loyalty Program is a particular custom campaign on Tide, enabling web3 growth teams to leverage badges to cluster and differentiate between users based on their on-chain activity and social media interactions over time. Moreover, by creating user tiers, it's possible to adopt a data-driven approach to rewards, incentives, and utility allocations.

How does it work?

It is very simple:
  • Users collect an SBT (non-transferable NFT) on Tide after performing some pre-defined tasks
  • Users accumulate on-chain points and upgrade the NFT graphics each time they perform on-chain actions
  • Rewards, such as ERC-20 tokens, are distributed based on users' points leaderboard
What are the advantages with respect to a traditional quest?
  • Better UX: After users claim the SBT on Tide, users can grow their status by simply using the app. No need to swap between platforms anymore.
  • Data-driven: NFTs track and score the entire users' on-chain activity & change accordingly, enabling the creation of user clusters/tiers.
  • Native experience: Embed leaderboard and tasks on your website so users can see points and statuses directly on the dApp.