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How to implement on-chain actions

A quick guide to Tide on-chain tasks
Step-by-Step Guide
There are 6 different on-chain tasks that you can implement on Tide:
  • NFT Holding
  • Provide Liquidity
  • Track On-Chain Event
  • Minimum Token Balance
  • Minimum number of transactions in a protocol
  • Track Advanced On-Chain Event
NFT Holding: You may decide to gate the access to users owning a specific NFT collection. With Tide, you just need to look up the NFT contract address on OpenSea and paste it on Tide. It is also necessary to:
  • Select the network on which the NFT contract has been deployed
  • Add a brief task description
  • Include a useful link that will be associated with the description text (i.e. Opensea Collection page link)
E.g. Require users to hold a Pudgy Penguin to complete the campaign
Provide Liquidity:
With our “Provide Liquidity” task, you can monitor liquidity deposits without effort. Again the information needed are just a few:
  • The pool contract address
  • The dollar amount users should deposit
  • The number of days users can’t withdraw
  • Network, Task Description, Website URL
For example, you can require users to deposit 1000$ for 10 days with a few clicks.
E.g., Deposit 1000$ for 10 days in Rodeo Finance USDC pool
Track on-chain events:
With Tide, it's possible to track any on-chain event. For example, derivate protocols can ask users to open 10X leverage positions.
The “Track on-chain event” is the task for monitoring interactions with any event associated with your dApp smart contracts, and it’s even possible to specify event parameters.
From a technical side, the only information needed on Tide to monitor general on-chain actions are:
  • The contract address
  • The associated event you want to track
  • Optionally, you can add parameters to specify details related to the selected event
  • Network, Task Description, Website URL
E.g. Deposit 99 or more USDC in the PoolTogether Pool
Minimum Token Balance:
Require users to hold a minimum balance of a specific token to participate in a campaign.
The only fields to fill out are:
  • ERC-20 token contract address
  • Minimum token balance users need to hold
  • Network
E.g. Hold at least 100 USDC
Minimum number of transactions in a protocol:
Require users to perform a minimum amount of transactions with a specific smart contract
The necessary information are :
  • Smart contract address
  • Minimum transaction count
  • Network, Task Description, Website URL
E.g. Perform at least 10 swaps on Uniswap
Track advanced on-chain events:
With the advanced on-chain events features, it’s possible to add time constraints to general on-chain tasks. For example, lending protocols could easily require users to deposit funds in a pool and not withdraw for a month.
You can check the information to fill on Tide to implement this task in the picture below: