Mitigate fake activity with Audiences

Audiences allow to distribute rewards to the most relevant users
Thanks to our audience system, participants in past campaigns on Tide have shown 20X better results in terms of wallet balances and number of transactions than other engagement protocols. You can read more about it in our Medium article.
Some audiences we used:
  • Active users on Ethereum, wallets with at least one transaction on Mainnet (165 mln wallets)
  • Lending market users, wallets with at least a transaction on Aave, Compound, Euler (mainnet), and Aave polygon (200k wallets)
  • Dex users, wallet interacting at least once with dexes and similar (2mln wallets)
  • Fashion NFT holders, wallets holding fashion-related NFT projects (Nike, RTFKT etc.)
If you are looking for a specific audience, reach out here.
Audiences are a building block of campaigns that can be built on top. According to the campaign design, audiences can be used for
  • Sybil protection/mitigation, avoiding multi-account
  • Building multi-tiered campaigns, where rewards change according to wallet history
  • Building referral campaigns, where referral fees change according to wallet history