Wave Factory

Wave Factory is the contract projects can use to deploy their custom campaigns. You can find the full code for the Wave Factory contract in our public repo.

Deploying a campaign

Every wallet can simply deploy a campaign contract by calling the deployWave() function on the Factory contract. The function takes as parameters:
  • _name(string): the name of the contract (which will be the name of the NFT collection)
  • _symbol(string): the symbol of the ERC-721 contract
  • _baseURI(string): the base URI of the folder which contains the NFT metadata
  • _startTimestamp(uint256): unix timestamp of campaign start time
  • _endTimestamp(uint256): unix timestamp of campaign end time
WARNING: this page is for technical reference only, a contract deployed by calling directly the deployWave() function will NOT be supported by Tide frontend. If you are a project and you want to launch a campaign we suggest to use our campaign creation tool.