User FAQ

User FAQ Section
How do I get started?
1)Head over to https://www.tideprotocol.xyz/ and click on LAUNCH APP
2) Connect your wallet using the Connect wallet button.
3)Browse among the active campaigns and choose the one you prefer.
4)If eligible to participate, read the campaign description and perform the required tasks to mint a proof-of-participation NFT, which can unlock exclusive utilities.
You can read more about how to join a campaign in the Participate in campaigns section.
Can I disconnect my social profiles from Tide?
In the "Profile Page" section, you can revoke and connect your social media accounts whenever you want.
Where can I find information on the campaigns?
Live and past campaigns can be found on our website.
Moreover, you can always track and read information about campaigns on our Discord in the "campaigns-info" channel.
What are NFT utilities?
Projects can decide to associate specific utilities to the NFTs awarded to users who complete their campaigns.
Check all your NFTs and possible associated utilities in the "MY NFTS" section.
Why I'm not eligible to participate in a campaign?
Campaigns on Tide are accessible only to specific audiences selected by the projects to mitigate bots and fake engagement. For example, a campaign could be accessible only by Lending Market Users. You can read more about our Audience system at: Broken link You can always verify which audience you belong to on our website. If you think there has been a mistake, please get in touch with us on Tide Discord in the "get-support" channel.
Why I'm getting "Internal Server Error"?
In case you encounter this issue, please get in touch with us on Tide Discord in the get-support channel. The team will promptly solve the issue