Web3 Data Analytics Overview

Your users participated in a campaign. Butโ€ฆ

  • Are they staying?

  • Are they active on your dApp?

  • What share of your current dApp users actually participated in the campaign?

The Performance section aims to support web3 growth teams in answering the previous questions and measuring the actual impact and effectiveness of campaigns on protocol activity.

How does it work?

It is very simple and 100% no-code. Add in the field external addresses or events; it can be a vault, a pool, or any smart contract address you want to track.

This step holds significant importance since events serve as the primary conversion target that projects should focus on.

After adding an event, it is possible to access a dashboard to monitor daily active wallets, transactions over time, and retention cohorts, providing a complete overview of the protocol on-chain activity.

After uploading quests launched on Tide, Galxe, or other web3 marketing platforms, itโ€™s also possible to zoom in on each box chart to check how dApps metrics have been impacted by such quests.

With the featured charts on Tide, it will take a few moments to gather insights regarding onboarded users' activity, retention, and much more.

Read more Tide Analytics & Performance suite here.

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