Embedded campaigns

Elevate Your Marketing Strategy with Seamless Tide Campaign Integration on Your Website


The Embedded Campaign feature by Tide empowers you to seamlessly integrate captivating campaign banners directly into your website. This innovative feature serves as a powerful tool for marketing and promotional purposes, elevating user engagement and interaction right from your platform.

How it Works

With the Embedded Campaign feature, your website gains the ability to showcase Tide campaign banners effortlessly. These banners act as dynamic focal points, capturing the attention of your audience and driving participation in your campaigns.

Example Showcase

Imagine your website adorned with vibrant Tide campaign banners, strategically placed to enhance the visual appeal of your platform. The integration is seamless, providing a visually cohesive experience for your users.

Customization for Consistency

The background of the campaign banner is customizable to match your website's unique look and feel. Whether you maintain brand consistency or create a thematic visual experience, the Embedded Campaign feature ensures that the banners seamlessly integrate with your platform's design.

Engaging Modal Experience

When users click on a campaign banner, a sleek modal opens, presenting detailed information about the campaign. This interactive modal allows users to explore the campaign's objectives, complete tasks, and ultimately claim the associated campaign NFT.

Benefits of Embedded Campaigns

  • Enhanced User Engagement: The visually appealing banners capture users' attention, driving higher engagement and participation in your campaigns.
  • Seamless Integration: The Embedded Campaign feature seamlessly integrates with your website, providing a cohesive user experience without disruptions.
  • Customization for Brand Consistency: Customize the campaign banner background to align with your brand identity or create a thematic visual experience for your users.
  • Interactive Modal Experience: The modal interface offers users a detailed and interactive experience, facilitating task completion and NFT claiming. Integrating Tide's Embedded Campaign feature into your website is a strategic move to enhance your marketing efforts. Elevate user engagement, maintain brand consistency, and provide an interactive experience that keeps your audience returning for more. With seamless integration and customizable options, this feature opens new avenues for promoting campaigns and fostering a dynamic connection with your users.

What's next?

Learn how to easily integrate Tide campaigns into your website in a few steps!