๐Ÿ’ฏPoint Campaigns

Tide Point Campaigns

Points campaigns track users on-chain and ditribute XPs, but how?

Tide tracks specific events on your project contract and assigns XPs automatically on the leaderboard.

Users, after having claimed the badge, do not need to claim anything anymore on Tide. Tide custom made subgraphs will check if an action is taken by the address and automatically will distribute points on the campaign leaderboard. For example, for every $1 bridged/swapped using a protocol Tide assigns 1XP to the user.

Why do projects love point campaigns?

  • Continuous engagement and gamification for users

  • High competition given by the leaderboard

  • No limit in amount swapped/bridged by users

  • No daily/weekly quest, just one campaign

  • Few rewards distributed, high returns (check Magpie Mafia Case Study)

  • Easy Airdrop only to committed participants (check Shimmer Airdrop campaign)

  • Reward users with Dynamic badges that evolve based on XPs

  • Periodic rewards to users (daily/weekly) using Tide Cycles feature

Points campaign are customized for each project. The project and Tide will sign a enterprise plan contract which price changes based on the campaign requirements. Are you interested in launching one?

Book a call with our team!

We will customize the campaign based on your need and goals!

Case studies:

  • Magpie Mafia: a user receive XPs every time he/she performs a bridge

  • Shimmer: Tide tracks the TVL brought on the Shimmer EVM and assigns XPs accordingly

  • LandX: users need to purchase and stake tokens to receive XPs

  • Defiway: bridge tokens from EVM blockchains

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